Brand Roots Workbook


This workbook will capture the essence of what makes your brand unique through questions that get straight to the point, and encourage you to think deeply and originally about your brand.

This workbook is split into 4 parts to dig deep and uncover your unique brand roots.

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Your brand is everything!

It is who you are, what makes you different, what makes you stand out and communicated what you believe in. It’s how people connect with your brand and choose YOU because YOUR brand fits with their ethos.

But you need to know who you are and if you haven’t spent some time deeply thinking about your brand roots then you may be feeling out of alignment and frustrated with your business.

This guide will take you through my 4 step brand exploration so that you finish with a clear, unique and powerful brand personality.

This process has been inspired by the wisdom of the trees. Strong trees that stand the test of time don’t grow too quickly, they wait until their roots are developed then grow with intention. The leaves may change, the seasons may change but the essence of the tree remains.

And that’s the same with your brand, if you have really strong roots then your business can evolve but your brand, your core mission, personality and values will be ever lasting. You won’t get blown around in the wind but passing trends, phases and competition.