I’m very passionate about ethical living and sustainability and when it came to making the leap and starting my own ethical graphic design agency I was extremely conscious that I wanted to create a business that reflected my values and also, in a small way, make our world a better place!

I work hard to remain true to my ethical design ethos and use suppliers that are renowned for their sustainable mission (my printers are vegan and vegetarian society approved and ethical banking and energy). I keep everything digital to reduce paper wastage and deal with clients around the world using Skype and digital tools to communicate. 

I also focus on all the little day to day things and avoid plastic and general waste – I use KeepCups and re-usable water bottles and support local suppliers, travel on public transport and cycle to meetings. I also love to meet up for a cup of tea with local businesses around Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire to chat about ideas (mine is an Earl Grey or Matcha Latte). 

The best design in every sense is one that is sustainable & ETHICAL.  IT may cost a little more but IT costS the earth a lot less.

From furniture design to graphic design we are aching for things that last, that are beautifully crafted and don’t exploit in any way. They may cost a little more but they cost the earth a lot less. I approach my graphic design in the same way and I aim to produce ethical design that lasts. I’ll also make sure everything we get printed and produced is sustainable and necessary. I can advise on suppliers and the best ways to market yourself whilst maintaining sustainable and ethical standards.

I’ve recorded a podcast with the incredible “Ethical Hour” where I talk about why I decided to start an Ethical Design Agency and I discuss how branding your business can make a big difference in attracting the right type of customers and clients.


by The Ethical Hour with Charlotte from Creative Wilderness


If you’d like to have an online chat with me about your current business and how I could help then I offer a FREE 30 minute design consultation chat where we can go through my design packages, see if your website is working, look at your main challenges  and answer any other questions. Simply click below to book your slot…

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I'm super passionate about ethical living and sustainability and when it came to making the leap and starting my own design company I was extremely conscious that I wanted to create a business that reflected my values and also, in...
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I'm taking part in a series of ethical business moves that help create a more sustainable, kinder and fair business world! 

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