After months of visiting co-working spaces and coffee shops I realised I began to miss having people to bounce ideas off. Most of the co-working spaces I’ve been in have been heads down, headphones on type of places so I’ve decided to set up my own co-working meet up group. Currently it will be fairly flexible but if people are interested I will aim to do this every week, usually Wednesdays or Thursdays. You will receive an email at the start of the work with the location and time so you can plan your day. You can pop down for just an hour or stay the whole day!

I love variety so will be changing the location around Manchester and Stockport and I’m aiming for places that don’t feel like an office so always open to suggestions.

Hoping we can all be stronger together in our freelance and self-employed journey. This will be a meetup to work but also share ideas, ask for advice, talk about anything that’s really annoying and generally have a social day as often working from home can be isolating.

If you’d like to stay updated then simply sign up below for your email updates:

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