Canva is something that entrepreneurs and business owners have been using to empower their businesses and allow the quick creation of branded graphics. Once you’ve got your strong brand roots formed and a brand kit and visual style then you can quickly create anything from social posts to ebooks and zoom presentation slides using Canva.


I know some businesses need an in-depth and deep brand identity process, and those people will still come and work with me one-on-one for their authentic brand experiences. But if you are just starting out and have a very limited budget then Canva Brand kits are great for finding a brand style to get you started and create your brand logo.

Finding the right colours, fonts, photography style and logo design for your brand can be hard if you aren’t a professional designer and don’t currently have the budget to fully invest in a bespoke branding design project. Often you may end up trying to ‘do it yourself’, often spending hours and hours shuffling things around in Canva and still feeling that they don’t look right!

As Canva becomes more and more popular I’m sure you will have seen the same old logos being reproduced and if you want to stand out, have a logo and brand identity that people are drawn to and looks professional then bespoke Canva Brand Kits are a great option.


why i’ve created canva brand logo kits

Part of my mission as the creator of an ethical brand design studio is to make authentic, purpose-driven branding available and accessible.

As my business has grown my prices have increased and a lot of the small startup businesses that find me are often not at the stage to invest in a full brand identity experience project and work 1-on-1 with me. I guess I’m someone who struggles to say no so I started to think of how I could give people access to thoughtful branding at the early stages of their business. I first created my Brand Builder course so people can go through the process I go through with my clients and build their own brand.

And next I launched my Canva Brand Kits. These are template kits that contain logo designs, colours, fonts and photo styles that can then be used to create logos and graphics with a cohesive brand look in mind.






Here is a glimpse of customising one of my brand kits to create a logo mark for the brand ‘wild wanders’.

What do Canva Brand kits usually include?

Canva Brand Kits and Logo templates usually include the brand basics you will need to get your business started. You’ll have a brand mark and logo that you can use on social media, for your website and any printed materials. You’ll have a colour palette that you know works and reflects your brand personality. You’ll also get a selection of carefully curated fonts that you can use for your headlines, body copy and accents too.

Canva Brand and Logo Website Template Kits usually include:

  • Colour Palette for your business
  • Fonts to use for your website, marketing materials, ebooks, social media posts
  • Suggested photography style
  • Logo marks to customise with your brand name
  • Design elements such as illustrations, patterns and marks that can be used to create you own unique designs that feel on-brand

My Canva brand kits are inspired by nature, sustainable living and feature hand crafted elements. These can be customised with different colours to further make the designs unique. I’ve also created social media templates based on each brand kit so you can create cohesive and branded templates.

Here are a few samples of the Canva Brand Kits available to buy from my shop:


Botanical Plant Nature Instagram Social Media Canva Template
Coral Grove Pastel brand Kit
Brand Kit Organic Logo Design
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